Ventilation systems collect several types of pollutants such as mold, dirt, dust, grime, debris, pet dander, pollen, and dust mites if they are not being cleaned within specific period of time. These contaminants are spread into the air ducts every time the ventilation system runs, and begin to build up over time, creating a breeding ground for mold, fungi, and bacteria, which in turn, re-circulate into the air through the ducts and pollute the indoor air that you and your family breathe every day. This build up not only affects the air quality in your home, but it also affects the life span as well as the quality of your HVAC system.

According to EPA, the indoor air is found to be 70% more polluted than outdoor air. Most of this contributes to unclean air duct. Industry standards recommend inspecting the air ducts every few months, and have them cleaned, on average, every 2 years. However, this may vary from place to place, depending of the conditions in your property. If your home or business has had a flood, fire or is contaminated with mold, you should contact Golden Restore immediately, so we can provide you with our excellent restoration services and to have your air duct system professionally cleaned as soon as possible.

Since most of our time is spent inside the house, taking care of indoor pollution is extremely important. Studies have shown that unclean duct can have critical effects on the residents' health, especially on children and pets. Since ducts will accumulate a lot of dust, the same dust will enter your home through ventilating systems. Even after cleaning your home properly, more dust will quickly gather over your furniture and will float in the air. Additionally, the air flow into the house through the vents will get significantly lesser than normal, and the heating or cooling system might produce a stale or musty odor when turned on. As a result, you or your family members might develop certain allergies, experience headaches and sinus problems, or you might feel dry and burning sensation on your eyes, nose or throat.

In order to eliminate those health risks, inspecting and cleaning ducts regularly are necessary. Golden Restore offers air duct cleaning
services both for homes and businesses.

Air duct purification will benefit you in several ways:
  • It will significantly improve your indoor air quality.
  • It will remove allergens and bacteria that otherwise will affect you and your family’s health.
  • It will maximize the efficiency of both your heating and cooling system. It has been proved that almost 10 percent of the energy in our homes is wasted due to unclean or leaky ducts.
  • It will ensure lower maintenance costs and a longer lifespan for your HVAC system.
  • Your furniture will accumulate lesser debris and dirt and hence you will need to clean it less often.
Golden Restore trained and experienced technicians will provide you professional air duct inspection and cleaning services. We are fully licensed and insured. We use the best tools and equipment for air duct cleaning in order to ensure that you are getting the most thoroughly cleaned air duct system. Golden Restore certified technicians are available 24/7 to provide you professional air duct cleaning services. Please call us at 1-800-991-6446 or find your local Golden Restore office at our contact page to get a FREE estimate!

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